Columbus Parker Track Club

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About Columbus Parker Track Club (CPTC)
The Lancaster County Track Team was started in 1969 by Columbus (Big Daddy) Parker. Columbus Parker was an educator and coach in the Lancaster County School District.  The Lancaster County Recreation Track Team  was under the Lancaster County Recreation Department and the youth participated in the Hershey Program.  

After the death Columbus Parker in 1983, Mr. Arthur K. Benjamin, also an educator in Lancaster County School District presumed the track club in memory of Columbus Parker, therefore it became the Columbus Parker Track Club in 1985.  Mr. Arthur K. Benjamin (Mr. Ben) was the Executive Director until his passing in March 2022.   the Club is currently under the leadership of the Operating Executive, Eugene Wallace.

The Club is a Amatuer Athletic Union (AAU) member.  The Club is a track and field program that gives Lancaster, Kershaw, Chester and York County youth the opportunity to display their athletic abilities on a State, Regional and National level.  Youth also build character, self esteem and learn life skills in our program.  

We work with over 50 youth from ages 6-18 and travel to many different track meets.  The youth participate in workshops, Junior Achievement and 4-H that improve their character, leadership, sportsmanship and life skills; and as a result, they become productive and successful adults in the community.    Most of the youth come from low income families, diverse ethnic backgrounds and may otherwise never have an opportunity to be involved in such activities.  The Club survives solely on contributions.  Contributions enable us to register the youth for track meets, AAU membership, transportation, food, lodging,  and equipment. 

This Club brings so much joy to the youth. Ninety-Eight (98%) of the youth go on to pursue higher education and some receive college scholarships as a result of our program.  Our coaches, staff and board members  are all volunteers.  The workshop leaders, interns are volunteers and business professionals in the community.    

Together we are transforming lives and building brighter futures; but without you, it just would not be possible.  

Our Board of Directors 

Robin Duren, Chairman
Kenneth Barnes, Vice Chairman
Pamela Salley, Secretary
Tina Shaw, Treasurer​

​Bennie MacMurray
Mary Barry
Saundra Meadows
​Columbus Parker, Jr.

Eugene Wallace, Operating Executive Director 

Albert Barnes, Head Coach of Track Club

The Late Mr. Columbus (Big Daddy)  Parker, Sr.
CPTC is a successful Club that achieves results and wins medals.   
We help build character, self esteem, sportsmanship, leadership and life skills.

Want to participate in our program, sponsor a child, volunteer or give a donation.
For more information, call us at:  

Or send donations to:
   Post Office Box 3273
   Lancaster, SC 29721
2017 Springs Close Foundation Fabric of the Community Lancaster County Award Winner

  • ​Member of AAU for 40 plus years
  • Member of the Hershey Program for 13 years
  • Hall of Fame Coaches Albert Barnes and The Late Mr. Arthur K. Benjamin
  • 98% High School Graduation Rate
  • 100%  in last 3 years attended college or military
  • 686 + AAU Medals Won
  • 30+ National Olympic Champions 
  • 20+ Years AAU District Champions
  • Improve Overall Health & Wellness
  • Exposure to College Campus Life
  • 1700+ Participated in Program